Nothin Goin in 2017…

Aw Shucks.. we know y’all love the Redneck Run, but yer jest gonna have to wait a spell. We ain’t gonna have it in 2017. Maybe next year. We’ll keep y’all posted.[read more]

Events with Attitude Series

Thank you Fleet Feet and congratulations to all the winners of the Fleet Feet “Events with Attitude” series. These folks ran in all three races – 12k’s of Christmas, Kiss Me I’m Irish Run and the Redneck Run! Great job! Thanks![read more]


Congratulations to the winners of the Plunger Relay. Thanks “TEAM E” fer comin all the way from Bentonville, Arkansas! And thanks to everybody who took the time to git all dressed up fer the event! Hope y’all enjoyed yer costume prizes.[read more]


Git yer runnin photos at Thanks Action Media for taking some great shots![read more]

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