Redneck Run Revisited

Yah, we took a year off… but we are back for 2018 in a NEW DATE and a NEW LOCATION y’all are gonna love. It’s a the Rio Salado Habitat in Phoenix. Y’all will be runnin (or walkin) on the path along the Rio Salado river. No cars, no noise… jest the outdoors! We’ll be […][read more]


Action Media took some great photos of the 2017 run. You kin git em at[read more]

Kids ‘n Dogs Welcome!

Bring yer kids n’ dogs! Jest be good to all them other folks and keep to the right so they kin git by easy. If y’all bring a dog, keep it close – a 3 ft. leash wud be jest great! We don’t want anyone trippin out there on the course! If one of y’all […][read more]

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