Save Yer Pennies

Save yer pennies and git yerself signed up . Prices r going up after Feb 29 and again after March 28. Dontcha be delayin![read more]

Donate to Dogs on Deployment

There’s a newfangled option when y’all sign up fer a race on Active. You ken donate to the charity – Dogs on Deployment – right there and that money goes direct to those good folks to help out service members and their best furry friends.[read more]

Thanks Y’all

Thank y’all fer coming… hope ya had a great time! Thanks fer helpin Dogs on Deployment. Here’s what we heard back from their folks… Thank you so much for selecting Dogs on Deployment as the benefiting charity for the Redneck Run!   The event was really fun as well as the media activities leading up to the run.  We really […][read more]

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