New in 2017

Finishers medals for the Country Mile and there’ll be no difference in price if y’all come out as a team in the plunger relay, or sign yourself up as an individual in the 5k.[read more]

Early Bird Discount

Y’all kin git yerself signed up now. Register before the end of February to git the early bird discount … save some pennies fer spendin on the Redneck Games.[read more]

Thanks fer the Sponsorship

Here's a great big shout out to our sponsor - Wells Fargo. Thanks for signin up to be with us again in 2017! If yer lookin fer some good folks, look no further. Go on by your local Wells Fargo Branch today and say hey. [read more]

Thanks Y’all

Thanks y’all fer comin to the third annual Redneck Run. Hope y’all had fun! Fotos r on this here website from Action Photos[read more]

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