Thanks y’all fer joinin us Saturday. Hope y’all had fun. Give a big shout out to the Ironwood High School Key Club for puttin together all them “Redneck Games” and helpin out at the event.[read more]

Run/Walk Course

We’d be fibbin if we said it was flat, but it sure is purdy. Y’all will be goin up and down a bit on the first 5k (about 140 feet) but the second 5k only has one bitty hill. So what the heck, do the 10k! It’s a great way to be experiencing the new […][read more]

Directions n’ Parking

Parking is at SEALCO, 215 E Watkins St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 Exit the I17 on Central Avenue SOUTH. Go LEFT on Watkins Street, RIGHT on E. University Drive, and park in the SEALCO parking lot. We’ll have some volunteers helpin direct y’all.[read more]

Packet Pickup & Day of Race Registration

There’s still room – you can sign yerself up the Day-Of-Race. If you are already signed up, no need to be runnin around the day before. Y’all kin pick up your packet the mornin of the race between 7 and 9 am. Come on over early… we’ll be havin some “Redneck Games” to keep y’all […][read more]

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