Free Race Entry

Win an entry into the Phoenix 10K or 1/2 Marathon! Every registration for the 12k’s of Christmas, Kiss Me I’m Irish Run and Redneck Run between now and October 12th gets you in the drawing. Register today!  CONGRATULATIONS to Carolyn Loder of Tempe for winning the entry into the Las Vegas Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon![read more]

Git yur registrashun in today!

While yuv bin sleepin, weev bin workin… everythin is ready to go fur the 2015 Redneck Run, includin the medal. So git yur registrashun in today. Y’all can do the 5k, the plunger relay, or NEW this year – an individual 10k.[read more]

Git er done at the Redneck Run!

Here’s everthin u need to know for gittin’ er done at the Redneck Run. It’ll be more fun than a boonie. Jest come on over anytime after yur done morning chores. We’ll be startin at 7:30 with fun n’games and the runnin gits going at 9 am. Press “Read more: to git all the details… […][read more]

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