Kids ‘n Dogs Welcome!

Bring yer kids n’ dogs! Jest be good to all them other folks and keep to the right so they kin git by easy. If y’all bring a dog, keep it close – a 3 ft. leash wud be jest great! We don’t want anyone trippin out there on the course![read more]

Racin Information

Stuff to do: Packet Pickup: Y’all kin git yer packets from 7 am to 9 am, before the racin gits started. Music: Westerlyn will be playin up a storm on the Honky Tonk Village Stage startin at 8 am thru 11 am. Wear yer dancin boots! Games: Try yer hand a cow milkin and test yer skill […][read more]

Packet Pickup

Y’all kin pick up yer runnin numbers n goodie bags on Thursday April 2 from 3 to 7 pm at Sports Authority, 7360 West Bell Road , Glendale (623) 487-8414. If yer on a relay team, we’ll be giving you a brand spankin new toilet plunger fer decoratin! 5 and 10k’er will also be gittin a […][read more]

Giants Run

A big shout to Christy Ashley, Diane Arnold, Jeff Smith and Greg Jeffries – they’ll be running the Giant’s Run on March 8th in Scottsdale. Keep lookin here for more fun stuff y’all kin win![read more]

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