Thanks Y’all

Thank y’all fer coming… hope ya had a great time! Thanks fer helpin Dogs on Deployment. Here’s what we heard back from their folks… Thank you so much for selecting Dogs on Deployment as the benefiting charity for the Redneck Run!   The event was really fun as well as the media activities leading up to the run.  We really […][read more]

Not too late to git signed up!

Y’all caint register on line anymore, but we’ll be happy to git ya signed up. Jest come on out to Packet Pickup at Sports Authority at Arrowhead Mall in Glendale on Thursday (3-7 pm) or cum on by a mite early on the mornin of the run (7-9 am). Bring good ole paper money if […][read more]

Kids ‘n Dogs Welcome!

Bring yer kids n’ dogs! Jest be good to all them other folks and keep to the right so they kin git by easy. If y’all bring a dog, keep it close – a 3 ft. leash wud be jest great! We don’t want anyone trippin out there on the course! If one of y’all […][read more]

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