5K Redneck Run

Yup, this here is a 5K, but crazier than a dog in a hubcap factory! If yer wantin sompin a bit longer, we wull let ya run round this here course twice, runnin a 10K with all them plunger-carryin folk.

This here’s a flat run – along the Rio Salado habitat. Y’all might even see one of them there burrowin owls!

Duds & Medals
We’ll be recycling at this here event… revisitin past runs and using up them there medals and shirts. If y’all missed em in 2017, yer gonna love the plaid shirts and matchin medals.

Git yurself signed up early, but if you go forgettin… y’all can git yurself registered the day-off. We’ll be waitin fur yu at the startin line anytime after 7 am. (Race starts at 9 am.) We’ll also be announcin early packet pickup.

Registration Form
Register Online

$25 until July 1, 2018
$30 until September 1, 2018
$35 until November 1, 2018
$40 up to day-of-race

Pick up yur packet or git yurself registered Sunday aftur 7 am. Yu’ll be runnin Saturday at 9 am, but ther’ll be country music and Redneck games to keep yu occupied til then.

Our new fancy, smanchy map is coming soon, check back fer updates!

Race Map

Free Parking
Limited room to park that ole pickup, for free!

Every redneck gits a medal when you cross the finish line, and the fastest guy and gal will be gittin somethin speshul.