Honky Tonk Village

Country Music
Bring all yur sisters, and keep it country! Yu’ll be dancin to good ole country music in Honky Tonk Village all mornin, and enjoyin three more country bands while yu run!

At Westgate, yul be enjoyin  Shari Rowe Band from 7:30 am through 10:30 on the Honky Tonk Stage.

On the runnin course, shout out to Mary Hoffman Trio and The Geetars!

Redneck Karaoke
Even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, yu’ll be wantin to practice up your “Hell Yah”, “Hey Y’all” and “Hee Haw” so you can sing us your version of our favorite – Redneck Woman, plus other good ole songs like “Redneck Yacht Club” and “Red Solo Cup”.

Redneck Games
Ther’ll be lots of fun n’ games for all ages – even you ole codgers! Try yer hand at Cow Milkin, Miner Bean Bag toss, Solo Cup Quarters, Cactus Ring Toss and Bouncin Balls!

This year, we ain’t chargin fer the games, but if y’all want to make a donation to our friends from Dogs on Deployment jest drop by ther booth at the evet.

Don’t skidaddle right aftur the run, do some shoppin at Westgate and visit our sponsors in the Mercantile at Honky Tonk Village. Be sure to drop on by and say hey to our friends from Wells Fargo. Enjoy the music and the games, and meander on over to Whiskey Rose for a cold one on the house! All runners git a coupon at the door.