Redneck Prizes

Yu won’t need yur high heels, but don’t y’all forgit to wear your best britches for costume prizes. Yu can even dress up yer dog for prizes.

If someone hands you an outhouse or a boot… you jest won yourself sumpin! Git on over to the Red (Redneck) Tent and pick out a prize!

If yur speedier than a roadrunner and come in as one of the top guys/gals or relay teams, you’ll be takin home something real speshul! We’ll be handin them out at the finish line… no need to cool yer heels waitin for a presentation. We’re not that formal round these parts!

Ther’ll also be a prize for the purdiest plunger! If someone gives ya one of them foam plunger do-dads, yawl take it over to that Red (Redneck) tent and they’ll give ya yer prize!